Craftsmanship, quality, and excellence is what defines us at The Wood Shop. We begin the process with developing a relationship with each customer. We come to your house and talk about your dream kitchen to help us better understand exactly what you want. We provide each customer with multiple detailed 3D drawings to help you visualize your dream kitchen. We take your ideas and photos combined with our experience to help finalizing the design.


Our finishing process is what sets us apart and defines who we are. Our cabinets and doors are all sanded with an air ran orbital sander. After this we hand sand everything. By hand sanding the wood in line with the wood grain is what brings out the true beauty of the wood and removes the spotty/blotchiness. After this we hand stain everything. Hand staining allows us to control the consistency and depth of the color as opposed to spraying the stain. Finally, we finish our woodwork with the best, most durable finish on the market. We take pride in our finish, which we have perfected over the last 3o years, and guarantee this will be the smoothest finish you will ever feel!




Craftmanship is the quality of design and work shown in something made by hand.  But not all things made by hand are crafted.  Craftmanship requires a high level of skill and experience dovetailed by a high degree of technical expertise and nutured by a respect and love for the work that needs to be achieved.  We pride ourselves in our cabinetry because quality matters and we want to share how we do it and why it matters. We want you to be apart of our process.




Our Cabinets are built to last! We use an old method called the mortise and tenon technqiue to make our face frames. This is the oldest and strongest way to make quality cabinets. We build our cabinets with 3/4" sides, bottoms, and tops which are all biscuited and glued to the face frame. This is what holds the cabinet together and provides extra strength to the quality of the cabinet. We use 1/2" backs on all our cabinets. By using 1/2" backs this provides extra strength to the cabinets while hanging on the wall.

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