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At The Wood Shop, Inc., our story is rooted in tradition, craftsmanship, and family values. Founded by DeWayne Dykstra, a man with a passion for woodworking and a deep connection to his Dutch heritage, our journey began with a single stall garage in the heart of Orange City, Iowa.

DeWayne embarked on his career in construction, honing his skills with Schiebout Construction, where he discovered his love for the art of building. In those early days, he started crafting cabinets as a humble hobby, fashioning tables, furniture, and desks for his cherished family and friends.

It wasn't long before DeWayne's exceptional woodwork caught the eye of those around him, and he decided to expand his craft into the realm of custom cabinets. The 1980s presented formidable challenges for starting a construction business, but with unwavering determination and an unyielding grit, DeWayne built The Wood Shop, Inc. from the ground up.

His partnership with Paul Kroeze led to a pivotal move to Orville Kroeze's machine shed, where they joined forces to supply custom-made cabinets and millwork to the bustling streets of downtown New York City, NY, during the late 1980s and early 1990s. As the business grew, they stood at a crossroads – to either move into a larger facility along a highway or to close the doors. The choice was clear, and in 1993, DeWayne made the decision to relocate to his newly built facility in Orange City, officially establishing "The Wood Shop" as the brand for wood shop cabinets.

His unwavering commitment to mastering the art of woodworking, wood species, and finishes ensured the company's continued growth throughout the next two decades. In the true spirit of family, DeWayne passed on his knowledge to his four sons: Josh, Jon, James, and Jake, instilling in them the principles of construction, cabinet making, and woodworking.

In December of 2016, DeWayne officially incorporated the business as The Wood Shop, Inc., setting the stage for the next generation to carry the torch. In 2018, DeWayne handed over the reins to Josh, James, and Jake, who expanded the family business from three employees to a dedicated team of about 15 professionals. Their service area stretched from a 30-mile radius around Orange City to a remarkable 60 miles, reaching clients from Okoboji, Iowa, to Cherokee, IA, to Sioux City, IA, and extending all over Northwest Iowa and reaching the South Dakota and Minnesota borders.


Embracing their father's legacy, the brothers diversified their offerings from wood shop cabinets and fireplaces to full-scale home remodels. Growing up building structures alongside DeWayne, they sought to provide comprehensive project management for home renovations. Today, The Wood Shop, Inc. not only manufactures custom cabinets but also designs living spaces, coordinates with skilled subcontractors, and oversees projects from inception to completion, providing clients with peace of mind and the most efficient process to achieve their goals.


As a company deeply rooted in Dutch heritage and Christian values, The Wood Shop, Inc. is committed to perfecting woodshop cabinets, expanding our network of trusted subcontractors, and offering the highest quality of construction expertise. We continue to seek opportunities to enhance our services and create a lasting impact in the world of woodworking and home improvement.


Thank you for considering The Wood Shop, Inc. for your kitchen cabinet and home remodeling needs. We look forward to serving you and making your dreams a reality.

Let’s Work Together

1213 Hwy 10 W 

Orange City, IA 51041

Tel: 712-737-2333

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